• In the Middle of Nowhere: All About Bangladesh. What else!
  • Inspirations and Creative Thoughts: In sacred remembrance of Divine,Reflection on Life and Spirituality, An evolution of Spirituality,Knowing thyself, Yours and my thoughts, Appreciation for all faiths, Mysticism, Comparative Religion, Integral Comparative Spirituality.
  • imperfect | world | 2008
  • Ideas for Brighter Bangladesh: This Blog is dedicated for ideas, views, concepts, thoughts that can contribute to the development of Bangladesh either at present or in future.
  • I Am Asif: I don't know why I'm writing this. Sometimes I go through real tough times (actually, most of the time), and sometimes something really pleases me or amazes me, or shocks me (the latter happens frequently). May be I can write about those things here. I know no one's gonna read my stuff, it's just for myself. May be after a long time I'll be able to look back at me life through this blog. May be that's the only reason why I'm writing.

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